School Field Trip to Busan Cultural Center

Today my girl’s middle school had it’s winter semester field trip.  Each class went to different locations, but I went with the oldest students (grade 3) to the Busan Cultural Center.  It was an interesting day from the start.  I live on an island where there is no subway access.  Seeing that the cultural center is pretty far uptown from me, the trip wasn’t going to be a brief one.  I always need to catch a bus to get off the island to get to the subway station.

Well, this day was different.  The night before I was told that the bus transit authority was going to be striking the following day (day of field trip) and I’d have to take a cab to get off the island and get to a subway.  Sounds easy enough, however, since 450 middle school girls would have the same goal, this may prove to be a challenging task.  When I woke up I decided I would just outsmart everyone and jump on my scooter to get over the bridge.  I don’t typically like to travel on main roads because I don’t have a helmet (yet!) and the cabbies and buses have an ongoing civil war on the roads.  Since there’d be no buses, a quick trip should be safe and simple enough.

When I got out of my neighborhood and jumped onto the main street, I was reminded of how important that helmet would be when I almost ran into a bus.  Wait, why was there a bus?  Actually there were many buses.  Come to find out, negotiations had been resolved and it was business as usual.  Figures.  I was already on my way so I just finished the trip on the old scooter.  Since I’m here writing this blog, I obviously made it home safe.

View of the UN Memorial Cemetery

The weather was perfect and Busan Cultural Center was a great experience.  It’s located right next to the UN Memorial Cemetery and the Busan Museum.  The cultural center has several large buildings and many facilities to provide the arts in different venues to the people of Busan.  That includes a main auditorium and several smaller theaters for orchestras, dance presentations, and art displays.  It’s used to present and preserve the cultural history of Busan as well as other parts of Korea.

Here’s a photo montage:

We spent about 3 or 4 hours there, just long enough where nobody got bored and cranky.  It was a time of eating kimbap and every imaginable snack Korea has to offer.  Not to mention saying “hello” to each student.  They always like to see teachers outside of school and are always very fun and respectful.  Teachers are also much more fun outside.  Not that they’re not at school, but let’s face it – coworkers are much better out of work than in.  I think that’s pretty universal.

It was a great day.  A great display.  Great to finally see the Busan Cultural Center.  I don’t know if you could see all three attractions (UN Memorial Cemetery, Museum, and Cultural Center) in the same day.  Since they are right next to each other though, it makes it easier to give it a try or stay at a friend’s and do it all in a weekend if you live out of the way.


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