My Favorite Restaurant: 서울깍두기 in 남포동

Seolleongtang, my favorite!

Seoul Kkakdugi (서울깍두기) in Nampo-dong (남포동) is my favorite restaurant in Busan.  There are a few locations around town, but I always go to the one near my house.  Just a 5 minute bus ride and I’m there.  They serve a small menu of soups including Galbitang and my favorite – Seolleongtang.  Seolleongtang is soup made from ox bone (for the broth), beef brisket, noodles, and rice.  A little salt and pepper and you’re good to go.  The name of the restaurant definitely advertises the completely awesome side dish they are known for, kkakdugi.  Kkakdugi is like kimchi but made with large chunks of white radish, as opposed to cabbage leaves found in kimchi.


The moment I walk into this restaurant, a huge waft of garlic aroma hits me.  I’m even more hungry at that point.  One of the greatest things about Seoul Kkakdugi is the service.  From the time you come through the door to when you’re served is always about 5 minutes.  Even during super busy times.

I definitely recommend for anyone.  If you have a craving for warm, hearty, comfort food – this is the place.  It’s getting cold out now too, so the time is right for many more visits!

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