Are South Koreans Afraid of North Korea?

Since I've been in Korea, the tension between the two "countries" has intensified.  Most recently, the threats and general language from the North has become more threatening and heated.  You're … [Read more...] Interviews the Red Dragon Diaries

Recently, my blog was graciously recognized by TeacherPort - an online job site for teaching abroad.  Here is an interview I had with them about my blog and experiences teaching English in Korea. … [Read more...]

Being an Older Non-Korean Korean in Korea

Life for me is slightly different than for most of the foreign teachers here in Korea.  Many people wonder and ask me about two things quite frequently:  getting a job as an older teacher, and being … [Read more...]

Gap Year in Korea – My Sabbatical from Life

My story of coming to Korea to teach English plays out much differently than most of the 20-somethings that take up this endeavor.  Where many teachers come here fresh out of college or just a few … [Read more...]

The Skinny on Gaining Weight in Korea

Too much or too little will change you I was asked on my Youtube channel about whether or not I had gained weight since coming to Korea.  The user mentioned noticing that some Youtubers lost … [Read more...]

Being Sick in Korea is Brutal

Being sick in Korea is actually one of the highlights of this endeavor.  Why?  Because whatever I normally got sick with back home seems to be amplified here.  I heard about this before coming and I … [Read more...]

Is Corporal Punishment Good or Bad?

Just the other day I had a class that would try the most even-keeled person.  The students were rowdy, getting up and walking around as they pleased.  The surprising part of it was that they were the … [Read more...]

Being a Korean, Life After Teaching English, Accommodations, Scooters

I receive a lot of feedback and questions from viewers on my YouTube Channel.  Recently I got some good questions about teaching English as a Korean, what my plans are for Korea, what EPIK pays for … [Read more...]

Reflecting on My First Year in Korea

What's it all about? This past Friday (7/20/12) was the last day of the Spring semester.  Also the last class of my first year's contract.  It amazes me how quickly this year has gone by. … [Read more...]

My Issues with Fast Food Joints in Korea

Fast food.  We all know it's bad.  We all know it's not really food!!  However, I'm no different than millions and billions of other people around the world and I LOVE to get fast food on occasion.  I … [Read more...]