My Issues with Fast Food Joints in Korea

Fast food.  We all know it’s bad.  We all know it’s not really food!!  However, I’m no different than millions and billions of other people around the world and I LOVE to get fast food on occasion.  I tend to eat a pretty balanced, lean diet throughout the week, but when it’s time to get my gluttony on, I like fast food.  My three favorite places are Lotteria (most popular in Korea), Burger King, and McDonald’s.  Burger King is not very popular here in Busan so it usually comes down to the other two.
I’ve come to realize over time though, that the fast food “pig out” experience just isn’t like home.  I kind of feel like there’s a governor on my desire to chow at these fast food joints.  Like they are trying to lean out the experience.  It’s fast food!  I’m definitely the type of person who doesn’t drink diet sodas, lowfat milk or eat  ice “milk” or eggs without the yolks.  Call me crazy.  I don’t eat that stuff very frequently, so when I do I like to really enjoy it the way it’s supposed to be.  Otherwise, I’ll just eat the plain old meals that I do during the week.
Anyway, here are my “issues” with the fast food joints in Busan, Korea:
Skimp on Ketchup:  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I went in to try this fast food place, Lotteria, which was new to me at the time.  When they handed me ketchup, they gave me A ketchup packet.  One.  I kinda looked at them like they made a mistake.  It was no mistake though.  So I asked for more and instead of asking me how many, they gave me A ketchup packet again.  Sheesh. 
And this is the way it goes at all the fast food places I’ve gone to in Korea.  Even regular burger joints that are Korean-owned give you one packet.  They would probably give you as many as you want, but I’m afraid they will charge me for it.  I’ve decided from now on though, that I will ask for my normal four-count and be done with it.  Let the ketchup cards fall where they may.
No Supersize:  There is no supersize in Korea that I have seen.  I can’t speak for the areas where a larger percentage of foreigners live, but all the fast food restaurants have not offered the good ol’ supersize option on their menus.  I’m usually not a supersizer, but if you are, you may need to order two portions instead.  I apologize in advance.
No Refills:  This is my own personal pet peeve.  When I eat a burger, I like to drink a LOT of soda.  I usually go through two glasses while eating and then refill a third time for the road.  Now Lotteria does do refills.  To be honest, that one element is what brings me back there even though I don’t like their food as much.  But I like McDonald’s and Burger King!  Double Whoppers or Double Quarter Pounders…both with cheese of course!  Those don’t exist at the places I’ve been to either.  They also don’t let you get free refills when you’re out.  They make you buy another round instead.  That is such a bummer for me.  I’ve learned to more or less sip on my soda, but it just ain’t right!  I need to CHUG after whaling a huge bite of a burger followed by an overstuffing of fries at the same time.
Oh, there are some things I’ll always miss back home…

Heeere’s the VIDEO!


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