Being a Korean, Life After Teaching English, Accommodations, Scooters

I receive a lot of feedback and questions from viewers on my YouTube Channel.  Recently I got some good questions about teaching English as a Korean, what my plans are for Korea, what EPIK pays for and the advantages of a scooter.  I thought I’d make a vlog to answer them.

Life After Teaching English in Korea


  1. Is there a problem with alcoholism in Korea?

  2. Well, people do love their soju here! I was referring more to foreign teachers and spending so much money on going out drinking. Sometimes, though, foreigners have such a difficult time adjusting they turn to drinking more than they would back home. And that will hurt the pockets – not to mention the liver.

  3. Thanks for sharing 😀

    I just opened my blog on Korean life, please visit me someday!
    Thank you so much 감사합니다 ~~

  4. Looks great!

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