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Taejongdae Park (태종대공원) in Busan

Taejongdae lighthouse scene Taejongdae Park is located not far from my neighborhood in Yeongdo-gu, Busan - an island right off the tip of Busan next to Nampo-dong shopping district.  Yeoungdo … [Read more...]

Medical and Dental Costs are Very Cheap in Korea

Having been in Korea now for about 14 months, I've had to visit the doctor on a few occasions.  Two of them were for minor surgeries.  The first one left me simply amazed at the low cost of medical … [Read more...]

Busan Museum (부산) South Korea

Although it's not the most fun and exciting attraction in Busan (not that museums are ever categorized as "exciting"), the Busan Museum ( has been one of the best outings … [Read more...]

Korean Electrocuting Fly Swatter

Mosquitoes are my nemesis in Korea.  No doubt about it.  If I am trying to sleep and there's one buzzing around my ear, I simply can't fall asleep.  I have to get up and try to kill it. … [Read more...]

Being a Korean, Life After Teaching English, Accommodations, Scooters

I receive a lot of feedback and questions from viewers on my YouTube Channel.  Recently I got some good questions about teaching English as a Korean, what my plans are for Korea, what EPIK pays for … [Read more...]