Korean Electrocuting Fly Swatter

Mosquitoes are my nemesis in Korea.  No doubt about it.  If I am trying to sleep and there’s one buzzing around my ear, I simply can’t fall asleep.  I have to get up and try to kill it.  But the funny thing is, when you are looking for them, they’re not to be found.  They only come out when you least expect it.  They are also very difficult to kill when they’re buzzing around your apartment.  Mosquitoes fly around in this haphazard, shaky flight pattern.  The buggers are very elusive.  They just seem impossible to kill.

Not anymore though!  I have the ultimate defense against mosquitoes and flies!  While I was spending Chuseok (Korea’s Thanksgiving) with some friends, I noticed the host had one of these fly swatter rackets sitting around.  When they explained to me what it was (that it electrocutes flies and mosquitoes to death), I quickly jumped to action and finally got revenge for all the times these things drove me insane.  Killing mosquitoes has never been easier.  I racked up an impressive collection that night.  Another friend who was at the get-together said she had one and didn’t use it.  So she ended up giving me hers.  I killed my first mosquito in my apartment the other night using the racket.  It was a celebration!  No longer will they taunt me when I’m trying to catch my Zs…

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