Dahnmudo – Traditional Korean Meditation Martial Art

Dahnmudo in Korea

My senior co-teacher (and boss) is involved in a martial art called Dahnmudo (단무도).  It is a meditation style that is very akin to tai chi.  DahnMuDo is an energy-based, non-combative martial art with roots dating back thousands of years into Korean history.

Based on Iichi Lee’s mind-body-spirit methods of Dahn yoga, his NY Times Best Selling book, “The Call of Sedona” laid the foundation for this art. In Korean, Dahn means “energy”, Mu means “martial”, and Do (Tao) means, “the way”.
DahnMuDo is rooted in the ancient study and practice of Tao. All of the movements have combative applications, but these are not taught until much later in the practice. Because the fundamental purpose of DahnMuDo is to enhance the well-being of the body and mind, that is what is focused on at the beginning.
Its mind-body training methods help practitioners circulate blood and energy through the body, while recovering the natural balance and rhythm between the body and mind.

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