My Church Mercy Ministry

In December of 2011, I set out looking for a volunteer activity to be part of while here in Korea.  There are many to choose from including orphanage visits, homeless visits, etc.  Many foreigners like to be part of them and there are all types.  Being a Christian I wanted to find one that was reaching out to people not just in service but also in Spirit.  Delivering the message of Christ while meeting physical needs temporarily.  Well, most of the volunteer groups here are secular and based mostly in service-oriented activities.  I approached the Pastor of my international church to see if they had something to get involved with, but there was none.  So that meant only one thing.  Start one myself through the church.
I started out with a family from America to search for the homeless in Busan.  We stumbled upon a small community at the Busan train station and began reaching out and ministering to these folks.  As time went on we noticed the numbers slowly shrinking.  After asking around a bit, we found out that there was a large coop feeding facility down the street from us which is where the people were going to at the same time of our outreach.  So, we took a walk down to this ministry and were blown away to see a big group of Christian volunteers delivering worship services and meals to hundreds of homeless each week.  We all decided this would be a great place to join in and help.  It’s been an awesome thing so far and we are blessed to be a part of it.  When God’s people unite, great things can be done!
This is a brief slideshow of our outreaches so far.  If you’re in Busan looking for an outreach to be part of, come join us at Busanjin Subway Station.

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