After You Land a Teaching Job

I’m very happy to be involved with many hopeful teachers trying to realize their dream of teaching English in Korea. It’s an exciting time from start to finish. One of the hardest things about uprooting your life to teach overseas is the fear of the unknown. If you are like I was, you likely have countless questions and concerns that you would like to navigate before making the big move.

Skype-logo-EPS-AI.PNG-1If you have made the solid decision to go to Korea and you secure a job through my site, I would like to extend an additional benefit to my supporters. Should you get a job, you can speak with me one-on-one via Skype (or possibly another platform) for an hour to ask me any questions you have. If you have questions about the culture and what to expect, we can talk about that. If you have visa questions or document-related concerns, the time could be spent focusing on those things. If you want to talk about judo, let’s do it!

The bottom line is I would like to make myself a resource to you once you get a job.

Guide to Teaching in Korea

Guide to Teaching in Korea

Additionally, I will send you a coupon code to download my eBook, Destiny Nation: Korea, for FREE. My book was a very involved, very personal effort and I believe it will be an invaluable resource to first-time travelers making their way to South Korea to teach.

Since we will be in touch throughout your job search through my site, all you need to do is message me and let me know you’d like to schedule a call with me for one hour. I will also send you the coupon code to download my book for free (for a very limited amount of time).

One last thing, if you are interested in obtaining a TESOL certification, I will also provide you with a discount to International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT) that will allow you a 25% discount off any program they provide. This is the company I personally used to become certified in 2012. This is a huge discount. For example, a $190 online TESOL certification would cost you just $142.50.

Again, this is only if you are successful in landing a job through the Red Dragon Diaries. I look forward to helping you make your dreams a reality. Good luck, and own your ESL adventure!

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