Find a Teaching Job in South Korea

Finding an ESL teaching job can be an exciting yet daunting task. It can feel intimidating to many just starting out. I receive countless inquiries about finding a job and how to get started. Because of this, I decided to provide some viable options here. In this way, I can help prospective teachers through the entire process. I can answer questions, give my own insights, and potentially help secure a great teaching opportunity.

The world of teaching English overseas is expanding rapidly now. Teaching English in South Korea, for example, continues to evolve and offer great options for hopeful teachers. I believe Korea and China are two of the most sought after destinations with countless options. These two countries offer fantastic options for teaching experience, travel, and cultural engagement. Though there are dozens of countries to choose from in this wide world, I focus on just these.

If you are new, take some time to review the Korea and China job listings. Even if there is not a specific posting of interest to you, you can still submit your resume if you are looking to teach overseas. Once I add you to my list of job seekers, I will continue to work on finding you a job until you are placed or choose to opt out of the process.

If you are successful in securing a teaching job, you can also speak with me via Skype for an hour and get my eBook for free. I will also send you a discount code for 25% off a TESOL certification should you be looking to become certified.

This is an exciting time, so get your materials in order and take the leap of a lifetime.

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