Are South Koreans Afraid of North Korea?

Since I've been in Korea, the tension between the two "countries" has intensified.  Most recently, the threats and general language from the North has become more threatening and heated.  You're … [Read more...]

The Archaic Modern Computers of Korean Schools

How I feel about my School Computer… This animated gif was taken from KikinitinKorea on Tumblr.  If you teach English in Korea, and you're having one of those days, KikinitinKorea has the … [Read more...]

Inspirational Blind Olympic Judo Girl (Slow Motion Video)

Jordan Mouton This is a bit of inspiration for anybody, no matter what you do or what level you're at.  I recently came across this slow-motion training video of USA Judo Paralympic Athlete, … [Read more...]

Crazy Dancing School Festival…a Day Off

Each semester there is a big festival day at our school, and most schools in Korea.  This is a day that students only need to worry about one thing, their favorite thing - dancing to K-pop music. … [Read more...]

Korean Students Playing Mercy in MY Class!

English is just not at the top of the priority list for most Korean students.  Understandably so, most have no plans on leaving Korea and feel they will never have a need for it.  So, at times they … [Read more...]

Being Loved on for My Birthday

Today is my birthday.  Yahoy!  My co-teachers got me a nice Paris Baguette cheesecake to remember me.  I have many good things to say about my school in Korea, but for sure they've … [Read more...]

Learning Korean: Allow Myself to Introduce … Myself

Growing up in New Hampshire there was really no need to learn to speak the Korean language.  There are no Koreans there!  Being the youngest of three boys, by the time I came around my mother had … [Read more...]

Is Facial Hair OK in Korea? I've been growing a goatee since summer break.  One thing is for sure though, there has been a lot of "reaction" to it by my students and teachers.  In … [Read more...]

Behold … Real K-Pop

I am not a big fan of K-pop music.  I think it sounds great and all but it's for the youngins, not ajushis like me!  I know about many of the groups and popular songs though because I'm bombarded each … [Read more...]

Korean Judo Master Interview

I simply cannot believe the response to the video I posted of my judo instructor.  Off a whim I asked him to show some of his physical abilities through the exercises he uses in his own personal … [Read more...]