Day of Birth…Buddha. Día de Vacaciones.

If it’s a vacation day – I’ll take it.  This past weekend Korea celebrated Buddha’s birthday and with it came a day off from school.  Many people in Korea use the day to visit temples to pay homage to the figure, give donations, and say prayers.  The most memorable part of the day for most is the sight of the lotus lanterns strewn throughout the city in parks, shopping districts, and temples.  This year I didn’t have a chance to make it to a temple to see the full blown decorations, but there were still many areas nearby that recognized the holiday by sporting their flare.

Instead of visiting a temple, I went to the Pit of Despair to practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Always a popular choice for people on a relaxing day off!  Before that though, I took a stroll through Yongdusan Park in Nampo-dong shopping district.  This is where the Busan Tower is.  I like going up to this park to get above the city-ness of Busan sometimes.  It has great views and peaceful vibes.  This day, there were some great decorations in recognition of the holiday.  Being the nice, sunny day that it was I got to take in some really nice views of the city and the park itself.

I thought, “these pictures would be great to share on a blog”.  Then I remembered I had one too.  It’s hard to do the day justice with a Sony Cyber-Shot.  I hope you enjoy the pictures anyway.

Happy birthday, big guy!

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