MMA Girl/English Teacher Fighting In South Korea

Back in December of 2012 I did a blog post about a fellow English teacher who trains in MMA here in Busan.  She has since started competing and is currently 2-0.  Jade Marie Anderson is from the USA and came to Busan to teach English through EPIK about a year ago.  In addition to teaching full-time, she is also a full-time mixed martial artist.

In the world of martial arts, a lot of people start and finish very quickly.  In a sport like MMA (mixed martial arts) it’s no different.  In fact, the turnover is even greater because of the nature of it.  It’s pure sport, meant to prepare someone for performance only.  There are no formalities or curriculum.  No special katas or anything like that.  MMA is getting on the mat and learning what is required to beat your opponent, whether it be through striking or take-downs and submissions.  Usually it’s some combination of both.  To learn the techniques proficiently enough to make them effective in a match is a very burdensome task.  If you want to excel you have to learn and apply the techniques, and then build stamina adequate enough to get you through a match to apply them.

Training in MMA can be a whole-life commitment and the effort alone crumbles most people before a punch is even thrown.

Enter Jade Anderson.  She’s a former wrestling champion turned MMA aficionado.  She trains at the famed Busan Team MAD with the likes of Kim Dong Hyun, one of the UFC’s premier fighters at the moment.  I’ve had the pleasure of training with her and watching her grow as a fighter.  Her work rate and regimen are nothing short of ULTIMATE.  She’s full of positive energy and embodies the term “commitment”.

With the blog post about Jade being the second most popular since starting my blog, I thought it only fitting to do a video montage about her, showcasing her desire to win in MMA and become a belt holder.

To that end, here’s Jade.

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