Finding a BJJ or MMA School in Korea

A friend of mine recently wrote an article which is an evolving list of BJJ and MMA schools in Korea – from Seoul to Busan.  MMA and BJJ are not as well known in Korea as back home, but it’s changing rapidly.  Finding a school when you arrive is a very difficult thing.  I speak from experience.   If you’re in either Seoul or Busan, you’ll find this list helpful.  Busan is home to Team MAD, where Kim Dong Hyun hails from, and two BJJ schools.  All three of these academies are part of a family of schools, so training between each is possible.  Seoul has Korea Top Team and a number of BJJ schools, mostly part of the John Frankl franchise.  The author of this article, Joe, also put together a Google map of all the schools so you can see if there are any near you.

This is a great and helpful list.  I wish I had it when I was first coming here.

Here is the LINK!

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