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Recently, my blog was graciously recognized by TeacherPort - an online job site for teaching abroad.  Here is an interview I had with them about my blog and experiences teaching English in Korea. … [Read more...]

How Many Times Can You Renew Your Contract?

I've been asked on many occasions - how many times can you renew your contract to teach English in Korea?  If you are teaching through EPIK (English Program In Korea) like myself, then there is … [Read more...]

Teach English in Korea if You’re From These Countries

One of the main requirements for all English teaching jobs in Korea is to be from an English speaking country.  That is, a country whose native language is English.  The core list that most jobs … [Read more...]

Coming to Korea Without a Job

Samsung Town Someone had asked me about their options for coming to Korea without first having a job.  Though I wouldn't really recommend it unless you had special circumstances, there are some … [Read more...]

How to Get a Job Teaching English in Korea

I know from experience that when you first start thinking about coming to Korea to teach English, it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing.  Watching all the videos, reading all the blogs builds up … [Read more...]

What to Bring to Korea and What to Leave Behind

Leading up to my much anticipated departure to Korea, I was wondering what I should pack.  The more I read or watched, the more I found that I wasn't sure what items would be in Korea and what … [Read more...]

Teach English in Korea: 6 Tips for a Successful Interview

When it comes to getting any job, the interview is likely the most important part of the entire process.  It's no different with getting into Korea to teach English.  I believe there are universal … [Read more...]

How to Apostille Your Diploma and CRC

So much documentation to get to Korea.  It just seems like an endless supply of records, tests, confirmations, etc, etc, etc... On top of it all, getting documents stamped or certified just adds more … [Read more...]

Teach English in Korea: Public School Or Private Hagwon?

From the get-go, there was never a question in my mind that I would only come to Korea if I worked in the public school system, known as EPIK (English Program In Korea).  After speaking with former … [Read more...]

Teach English in Korea: How to Get Your Reference Letters Done Quickly

Reference letters, although not difficult, can take some time.  If you request a reference letter from someone you will be dependent upon their ability (or willingness) to take time out of their day … [Read more...]