Teach English in Korea: 6 Tips for a Successful Interview

When it comes to getting any job, the interview is likely the most important part of the entire process.  It’s no different with getting into Korea to teach English.  I believe there are universal tips for a good interview, and then some specific ones for getting a job teaching in Korea.  The following video is my take on the 6 best tips I could give to really nail the interview.

1.     Be in a quiet place.
2.     Be polite and professional.
3.     Speak clearly and slowly.  The interviewer is Korean.  Do not use unfamiliar terms or slang.
4.     Be specific on why you want to teach in Korea.  What things do you like or are intrigued by specifically?
5.     What experience do you have that is specifically related to or transferrable to teaching ESL?
a.     Certifications, teaching experience, pashion for teaching.
b.     Facilitating meetings.
c.     Teaching martial arts to children.
6.     What other experiences do you have that would shed a positive light on you in terms of teaching?
a.     Volunteer work.  I volunteer quite a bit and 1 of my references was from a large volunteering organization.

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