Let it Snow in Busan

It doesn’t snow nearly as much in Busan as in Seoul.  Busan is further south and also located right on the coast which always keeps temperatures slightly higher.

But today I was startled by the shrills and squeals of 450 middle school girls because it snowed.  It only lasted for about an hour but it was cause for a near melt down in the school.  Students were billowing outside to run around as the flakes came down and even teachers were snapping photos because it’s a rare thing in Busan.  At one point flakes the size of potato chips were coming down which even surprised me – a native New Hampshire-ite.

At one point, the vice-principal and admin office locked the front doors to keep the kids from running back inside with their newly muddied up shoes.  That was actually funny to see: the vice-principal on one side of the locked glass doors and the students coming to the realization that they were locked out.  Both looking at each other in astonishment.

Even though it doesn’t snow a lot here, there’s no lack of freezing cold weather.  This whole past week was around zero degrees.  Seeing that finals are next week and it was a frigid Friday, I decided to play Disney’s Tangled for students.  It is in English after all!

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