Eating Korean “Hangover” Soup While Sober (Haejang Guk 해장국)

SoupHaejang Guk (해장국) is a popular soup in Korea. Generally, it’s made with pork or beef, and ox blood. The last part probably sounds a little, like, “whuh??”, but trust me the soup is good.

It has a very hearty flavor to it. Much like the way good tomato soup is on a cold winter day. With grilled cheese sandwiches, of course.

Many people in Korea eat haejang guk the day after a night of boozing. It’s similar to the way we would go for pancakes, eggs, bacon, and toast back home. I don’t know if there’s any real “evidence” of haejang guk actually helping with a hangover as much as the fact that it’s very hearty and soothing when you need it most.

I’m at it again with John Dunphy from the blog JPD Does ROK and a new friend JuKyung.

hangoverWe scoped out a few different restaurants before we settled for Seoul Kkakdugi, a popular restaurant chain in Korea. I always eat at one of the locations in Nampo-dong and it’s one of my favorite go to places here in Busan.

If you haven’t tried haejang guk yet, definitely give it a go. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have it with the ox blood. Ours actually didn’t have any in it.

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