9 Examples of South Korean School Lunches

Lunchtime is an interesting one for me. It probably is for most foreigners if they choose the route of breaking bread in the cafeterias with their Korean co-workers. If I don’t sit with my co-teacher, it’s pretty much just me in my own world chomping away.

There are occasions when some teachers will try to formulate a sentence or two, but not often. Even then, at both schools I’ve worked at teachers all sit in the same spot each day so if noone around me speaks English it’s going to be a quiet year.

Nonetheless, I go to the cafeteria to eat. And school lunches in Korea have been a delightful surprise for me. Why surprise? Because compared to the concoctions they call school lunch back home in America, these lunches are DELIGHTFUL.

The difference can be summed up in this way: natural vs. synthetic.

School lunches in Korea are generally wholesome, natural food choices. They’re not always restaurant quality obviously, because, hey, it’s a school lunch. In terms of nutritional quality though, they are quantum light years ahead of American schools.

The lunches are very Korean. I have definitely come across some things that I didn’t eat. Very few times, but it has happened. For the most part though, I gladly eat the chow in the mini mess halls of my schools.

To give you some idea of what lunches are like here, I recorded 9 different lunches at my school.

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