On “2.5 Oyajis” with YouTube’s Japan Vlogging King, Gimmeaflakeman

If you are interested in traveling and teaching in either Korea or Japan, your search will ultimately lead you to Gimmeaflakeman.  Victor is possibly the most recognizable figure in J-vlogging, so it was a pleasant surprise and honor to be asked to be part of his show “2.5 Oyajis”.

Along with Hikosaemon, also of Japan, the two lead a periodic show where they interview characters who live abroad as they do. They share stories and insights and provide for an entertaining but highly informational show. It was great to chew the cud for an hour with them covering topics such as South Korea’s relationship with Japan, my North Korean heritage, and North Korea in general.

It was a surprisingly comfortable setting, even though I thought I’d be nervous as heck being on their show. They are very informed, very professional, yet down to earth and seemingly well-grounded individuals.

Though we did cover some points on classic rap music, we didn’t get a chance to talk about teaching and how the landscape continues to change with this anomaly of a career.  Maybe next time…


  1. That was a really good vlog. Nice to know how things are coming out of Japan, too. *Hi-5s* for the Chris Rock and the RUN DMC (the leaders of ole school rap/hip-hop) references!

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