Busan’s BJJ Prodigy

King of Grapplers – “I bring the PAIN!”

5 hour bus ride to Seoul.

Years of committed training.
Wrapping up your division in King of Grappling BJJ event in under 2 minutes…?

He’s lean.  He’s mean.  As a teacher, he’ll even give you multiple choice:  Tap, Nap, or Snap.

Going forward you can address him simply as “the Sandman”.  And you better get the lead out or he’ll take you to nevah-nevah land!
John Torres is an English teacher from the USA and he trains in the arte suave, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  He’s part of the East Heaven White Mountain/Busan Team MAD family in Busan, South Korea.  He took part in the King of Grappling event in Seoul this past weekend – a BJJ tournament that showcased a main event of pure grapplers vs. professional MMA fighters.  It took him under 2 minutes to capture his advanced division and walk away with the gold.  It took us longer to order the celebratory burgers, onions rings, and hot dogs afterwards.  Now that’s efficiency.
We’re all proud of John and his performance, as well as the rest of Busan Team MAD that took part in the competition.


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