English Class Video with Award Winning Teacher

Candice – #1 in Busan

Every teacher has to endure having one of their classes reviewed by a supervisor from the Office of Education in your province. They come and watch one of your classes, and then sit with the English department of your school for an open discussion about the pros and cons of the class.  It’s a nerve racking thing, but it also helps you to hear how you are doing well and where you need improvement.

Once the ordeal is finished, that may or may not be the end of things for you – if you’re good.  If the supervisor feels you have done a great job, you may continue on to do additional classes and possibly win an award as the best English teacher for your city or province.  Well, Busan is a huge city.  With over three and a half million people, there are a lot of schools.  That means there are a lot of English teachers.
My friend, Candice, happened to be one such teacher to move on to additional rounds.  Ultimately, Candice would go on to win the overall competition as the top foreign English teacher in Busan.  That is a huge achievement.  Congratulations to her.
Many people are interested in lesson planning, and what classes are like.  I thought it would be very helpful to show what a class SHOULD be like by posting one of the videos of her classes in this competition.  The classes at this stage allow other teachers (both foreign and native) to come watch as well.  I was actually in this very class watching, but I didn’t know Candice at the time.  It’s a small world.  You can see me in the end dancing to the school bell music.
Candice is very good at what she does and is on her third year at the same school.  This speaks volumes for her abilities.  She did win a prize for her achievement in the teaching competition, but I think Po from Kung Fu Panda put it best when he said, “there is no charge for awesomeness!”
How I can quote kids movies now amazes me…



  1. Quite an achievement and true hard work and passion! Thanks for giving us a virtual glimpse of this special experience (everyday for others haha)!

  2. I'm glad you liked the video. Anyone can learn from a great teacher like this.

  3. I love this video! Could you please tell me what is the school name, student’s age and their ability? I want to use it in my assignment. Thanks!

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