Imitation Alley in Busan, South Korea

I’ve always been a sucker for knock-off watches.  There are tons of products where you can find imitations, but watches are my thing.  When I lived in New York City, I just couldn’t stop myself from buying a knock-off watch when I saw a good one.  There are many different flavors and qualities.  The cheapies are about $10-15 but they are pretty flimsy and tend to break easily.  Some will stain your skin too.  There are others that cost $40-60 and they are really nice.  Many have the self winding mechanisms and everything.  These watches have nice leather bands and all the instrumentation that comes with the originals.  I always liked the Patek Philippes and Breitlings.  They had weight and felt like a decent quality watch.  The only difference was the casing was made to look like replica of a luxury watch.

Knock-off belts

Well, it’s been many years since I lived in NYC so gone are the days of buying these really nice knock-offs.  But recently I’ve come across an area in Busan, South Korea called Nampo-dong (a downtown shopping district with many restaurants and designer clothing stores) that sells many imitation products, including watches.  There is one main alley that has cart after cart of t-shirts, polo shirts, bags, hiking wear, pants, belts….and WATCHES!

All the handbags
Designer-looking caps

One cart in particular has many G-Shock imitations that are really nice.  Some of them actually say “G-Shock” on them, but the ones that I like are just a classic knock-off rendition.  They are called “S-Shock”.  Any letter would suffice I’m sure, but the maker went with “S”.  They have all the instrumentation and decal of the original.  They have the chunky, rough, sporty feel to them.  The only thing about them is the digital seconds tickers seem like they just randomly tick.  They don’t actually go around in any pattern.  Makes them all the more appealing since it reminds me I’m wearing a knock-off.  In any event, I had to have one.  So I finally reverted to my old ways and gave in one day and bought one.  They are all black, but differ in color on the buttons and certain highlights.  I went with the orange buttons.  Seemed like the trendy color and it matched some of my t-shirts and caps.  It cost 23,000 Korean Won (about $20), but I didn’t really haggle much.  Getting soft in my old age!  Here are some pictures of it.  See if you love it as much as I do.

Here’s the video:

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