One of the greatest benefits of teaching English in South Korea is travel. South Korea is centrally located in East Asia which makes visiting China or Japan very convenient. It’s also relatively close to Southeast Asia making all your tropical, exotic getaway dreams just within your reach.

Travel is something that many of us say we’ll do someday. But for most, that day never comes. That’s one of the many great benefits of teaching abroad. You’ll not only be close to regions you’ve always wanted to visit, but you’ll also have the TIME!

I’ve been able to visit Seoul, Tokyo, and Bangkok since I’ve started teaching. Not epic by any standard but it’s a start. The future holds many more destinations for me and that’s a certainty.

Travel from South Korea is convenient and flights are affordable.In addition to flights, my home city, Busan, has a ferry service that takes you up the eastern coast of Japan starting with Kukuoka.

Travel throughout Asia is fun, interesting, and challenging. You can see the similarities and vast differences between Asian cultures and be home in no time.

Teach English in South Korea and make your travel endeavors a reality. Follow the Red Dragon Diaries as I do it. It’ll be fun!

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