Do Koreans Go on Diets?

I received a great question from someone on YouTube about Koreans and whether or not they diet.  What is Korean food like?  What's happening here in this rapidly changing nation? … [Read more...]

7 Reasons You’ll Love Teaching Abroad

Running into UNESCO volunteers People who travel abroad to teach English do so for many different reasons.  Some are paying off debts, some want to learn about a culture they are interested in, … [Read more...]

Buddha’s Birthday Means Vacation Time

If it's a vacation day - I'll take it.  This past weekend Korea celebrated Buddha's birthday and with it came a day off from school.  Many people in Korea use the day to visit temples to pay homage to … [Read more...]

Korean War “Tootsie Roll” Campaign

The Korean War influenced the world today in many ways.  War, in general, has so many stories that the common man will never know let alone appreciate.  I came across this video put out by … [Read more...]

5½ Tweaks to Daily Life in Korea I Highly Recommend

Here's a little light-hearted (but true!) ranting for the weekend.  Over the past year and a half I've learned to navigate some of the...nuances of everyday life in a major South Korean city.  The … [Read more...]

What Welcome Gift to Bring to Korea

When I was preparing to come to Korea, one thing I heard a lot about was bringing a welcome gift for the school that I would be assigned to.  The only problem was - what should I bring?  As I did so … [Read more...]

Are South Koreans Afraid of North Korea?

Since I've been in Korea, the tension between the two "countries" has intensified.  Most recently, the threats and general language from the North has become more threatening and heated.  You're … [Read more...]

14 Things to Do & See in Busan, South Korea (VIDEO)   … [Read more...]

My All Girls Middle School in Korea – the Tour

Well, the semester is over!  That includes English camp which lasts 2 weeks after the semester close.  This means I get to do the beloved "desk warming" detail.  That means I sit in my chair all day … [Read more...]

Battleships and Fish – Korea’s National Maritime Museum (국립해양박물관)

Korean National Maritime Museum It's fairly evident that Korea is experiencing rapid growth in their economy.  Everywhere you look there is new construction going up, or new neighborhoods being … [Read more...]