What Learning Korean Has Been Like the First 3 Months

Learning Korean is one of my main endeavors now that I’m back in Korea. I arrived (back) in Korea three months ago and since that time I’ve been putting in quite a bit of effort to take on learning the Korean language. How has it been going? Here is an update for those new to language learning, or just interested in hearing about my journey as it begins.


  1. Learning another language (any language) is hard. If it’s not getting the motivation and commitment to learn the language (as in my case) it’s trying to get the information stuck in your head for a long time (Of course, my excuse for not learning a new language is that I’m a second-year teacher who is new at my school. Try doing that and learn a new language. Good thing I speak the same language as the country I live in).
    I get the difficulty of trying to learn your mother’s language because I was in the same situation about 10 years ago. After graduating from college, I got a job where I had to speak in Spanish, a language that I only knew at the elementary level. I think one of the key things about learning a new language is letting yourself “absorb” the language. What I mean is listen to others speak the language, even if you don’t understand them. Maybe you need to watch some Korean drama shows or whatever you like to watch in Korean and just listen. Years ago, I was doing that. My family is from Latin America, so listening to the language everyday (even when I didn’t speak it at all) was easier for me for that reason. I never got to the advanced or fluent level of speaking the language, but at least now I can say that I know Spanish at a conversational level. I now make myself listen to Latin music from time to time and try to read and translate it on my own so that I can learn more. Try it…maybe it will help you. However, don’t expect sudden results. It’s take time, so be patient.

    • And sorry for the long response. I guess this is what happens when you don’t have an adult to talk to on your days off.

  2. Should be a piece of cake for you considering your mother was a native speaker

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