Grocery Shopping in Japan

All aspects of life are generally existent no matter where you go in the world. This includes grocery shopping. Grocery shopping in Hiroshima (my hometown) is quite similar to back home, but at the same time it’ so very different. Products and prices are on the opposite side of the spectrum from what I’m accustomed to.

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  1. Lee Pilmo says:

    Very informative video on shopping at a grocery market in Hiroshima. The place looks so clean with nary any garbage on the floor. There is a great variety of foods offered, and one could easily spend hours just walking down the aisles and deciding which brands to buy. It is a shame that the fruits are so expensive due to the high tariffs imposed on imported produce. I noticed that the Japanese language incorporates a lot of kanji, which are Chinese characters. For someone who reads and writes Chinese, it would be no problem determining what they are buying. I am glad that I learned Chinese characters, even though it was difficult. Fortunately, the Japanese have retained the use of traditional Chinese characters in lieu of the simplified characters used in mainland China. Although traditional Chinese characters are sometimes difficult to learn because one character could have so many strokes, they are much better to look at than the truncated characters in print in mainland China.

    • Only some of the produce is expensive like some fruits. Now that summer is upon us, things are much more reasonable. People talk about Japan being so expensive but that’s probably more for places like Tokyo and Osaka. Hiroshima is completely affordable. I have a really great situation that I’m very grateful for tbh.

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