Judo Throws Taught by Korean 7th Dan Master

Wow! It’s been nearly a year since I first posted judo video tutorials by my 7th dan instructor. I don’t know why I haven’t done more. I literally walked into one of the coolest situations a judoka could ask for. Just steps from my first apartment was a small, but historical Korean judo school.

Amazingly, the judo school was founded before Korea even established it’s independence.

About a year before Korea became an independent nation, Kook Sa Kwan Yudo Jang was founded in Japan. Pretty cool, isn’t it.

The current school owner and headmaster is a 7th dan mini juggernaut from the old days of the sport. The school’s rich history is written all over the walls and I periodically randomly meet people on the streets of Busan who have trained there. It only makes sense that I try to capture this hidden gem of a master on camera while I’m here.

Initially, I filmed Master Goh Chung-Pil demonstrating O-Goshi, Tsurikomi Goshi, and Seoi Nage combined with Ko Uchi Gari. Needless to say, these were hits in the judo community. It left many asking…should I say, begging for more.

I’ve since moved out of that neighborhood and I don’t actually train there any longer, but I did make a trek back to see my old friends there to capture some more of the owners technical details on film.  The three new throws I cover are as follows:

  • Uchi Mata
  • Osoto Gari
  • Tai Otoshi

I am confident someone somewhere will benefit from the breakdowns he gives for these popular and effective throws.  Make sure to hit the English captions on the video!

Uchi Mata:

Osoto Gari:

Tai Otoshi:


  1. Avatar Matthew says:

    You’re so fortunate that your guanjangnim has such a passion for judo, even after practicing for so long. Thanks for sharing. If you’re not training there any longer, have you found a comparable judo gwan?

    • He’s definitely a unique individual by any standard. I’ve actually been away from judo for a while since my injuries. I did some jiu-jitsu with Team MAD but now just go to a fitness club since I’m still not 100%. It’ll be difficult to match the experience of my first judo school.

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