Extra! Extra! South Africa Invades Local Korean Newspaper Club!

Busan’s finest

My students don’t love me anymore. I’m ok with that…I think. But apparently they’ve grown tired of interviewing me for their newspaper club. So much so that they asked me to bring in a new ME to feature in the school’s newspaper.  It’s a tough transition, but I’m managing.

They don’t even see me anymore…

Because I’m a nice guy I decided to go along with the overthrow and ask a fellow co-teacher friend to come in on a Saturday morning to let my students talk to her.  Busan Office of Education’s own star teacher, Candice Gopaul, was up for the challenge and finished with flying colors.  Candice (hailing from South Africa) was actually chosen by the BMOE as the #1 foreign English teacher two years ago.  Each teacher who comes to Korea has to have an “open class” which is judged by their peers.  Teachers can take part in additional open classes where BMOE supervisors are present as well.  Well, Candice was the big cheese of it all in 2011.  I used my association to Candice as a way to buy back my welcome among my own students – but to no avail.  They only had ears for Candice.  It’s all good though.

Still in charge!

The students were truly enthralled and uplifted by Candice’s stories of  South African culture, food and surfing waves.  She used her tales of shopping in Korea as a way to further cement the end to my legacy.  I buy knock-off watches – how can I compete with her stories?

After all was said and done, it was morning that everyone enjoyed.  Even the co-teacher in charge of the newspaper club was so pleased with the result.  It was a great day.  Stay tuned for the next breaking news story…

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