Behold … Real K-Pop

I am not a big fan of K-pop music.  I think it sounds great and all but it’s for the youngins, not ajushis like me!  I know about many of the groups and popular songs though because I’m bombarded each day by my students asking to play it over my loudspeakers.  As we all know so well, escaping the death grip of Gangnam style is impossible.  I really like the song.  In fact, it was the first song I actually really liked since coming to Korea.  The video is the best part.  The elevator scene cracks me up every time.

However, it wasn’t until recently when playing a K-pop game (K-pop Slam, I think) I downloaded from that I found out what has now become the single greatest K-pop song ever produced.  It’s a bit of a sleeper, not a chart topper or anything like that.  I won’t say anything about it, just watch in amazement.  I think it’ll become your favorite too.

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