The Busan Aquarium in Haeundae Beach

The times that I’d been to Haeundae Beach I always saw the Busan Aquarium.  Each time I wanted to check it out.  I just never did, and now one year has come and gone.  I’m on my summer vacation now and camp is over so I took this opportunity to check it out.  The Busan Aquarium is located in the main hub of the beach and is set on the sand-side of the beachfront strip.

I had checked out the website for the aquarium and knew that it was multiple floors – and fish tanks of course since it is an aquarium.  Other than that I didn’t know what to expect.  I think the last aquarium I had visited was the Boston Aquarium when I was a kid.  Maybe it was because it was so long ago, but I was very impressed from the start with the variety and grand scale of the displays.  It’s every bit as much an attraction for adults as it is for children.

The tank sizes varied from what would be a large tank for a home to a two-story tank where a scuba performer would swim, and an enormous tank that has a glass tunnel going straight through it so visitors could watch sea life swim above their heads.  Many of the tanks had informational displays, but I couldn’t read them!

One of the features of the aquarium is scuba diving with the sharks.  Yes, on weekends the aquarium takes willing participants down into a tank filled with man-eating sharks.  Actually, the sharks are babies and not very big nor dangerous.  They give a crash course in scuba and then drop you in the tank.  I believe that is something I need to try.
In the meantime, just remembering the aquarium and it’s fantastic displays will do.  I would recommend for anyone in town.

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