It’s a Jiu-Jitsu Thing…

My neck is killing me because someone was trying to remove my head tonight.  My ear is swollen and sore because I forgot to wear my ear guards.  I must’ve left 5 lbs on the mat.  I have pinch marks and bruises all over me.  I can’t wait to go back to do it again!

It’s a jiu-jitsu thing…


  1. Awesome!!..another fellow grappler that is working as an English teacher. There are actually more than one pure BJJ schools in Busan. The two main ones are located in 용호동 and 경성대. 4 or 5 of the students from the school also opened up sub branches scattered across Busan.

    Here's our facebook page:

  2. That is great info, Jackie. Thank you very much. Do you happen to know if any of the branches are near Nampo-dong? I may just make the trek up to the main school and stop being such a complainer.

    Thanks again for letting me know.


  3. I don't recall any branches near 남포. There are gyms near beomil, dongnae, hwamyeon from what I remember, but there could be more. Learning at the main gyms are better of course. Both instructors from Yong Ho Dong and KSU are legit bad mofos but both Master Park (용호) and Master Chae (경성) are super nice. Can't go wrong with either one 🙂

    My buddy John said he met you yesterday.

  4. Oh cool. What a small world. I think I'm going to visit the Kyungsung location very soon. I saw the pictures on John's blog and the school looks very nice. Maybe I will see you there?

  5. I only train with Master Park at 용호 but I always wanted to visit the KSU location. and John is an awesome training partner. I'm sure we will bump heads sooner or later.

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