Easter and the Cherry Blossoms in Busan

Easter this year was a special one for me.  Not only did I celebrate the resurrection of Christ, but I also had a chance to see Cherry Blossoms in full bloom for the first time in my life in person.  They really are as beautiful in person as they are in the pictures.  Well now they’re in my pictures.

A group of friends from my church, Antioch International Ministry, took a trip after service to Gwangalli Beach where there is a long street lined with nothing but Cherry trees.  It honestly looked like a cartoon or something from a movie.  The space above the street was covered in thick blossoms that looked like cotton.  It was a spectacular sight.

The lovely ladies of AIM…and Peter
This is actually a Magnolia tree

Not only that, but the beach bicycle path/boardwalk was very impressive.  I didn’t think there would be one, but there was.  It runs parallel to the Gwangalli Bridge and it gives you a full, vivid view of the massive bridge and Haeundae Beach skyline.  The apartment buildings at Haeundae are possibly the largest I’ve seen.  They are as large as most skyscrapers in NYC and simply gigantic.  You can see them in the background in some of my shots.

It was a great day and one that reminded me why moving on to teach English abroad was a smart choice.

No idea…
All smiles in Korea!
Big…HUGE flower pot
Final group shot

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