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Through making videos here on Youtube, I’ve received a lot of questions about my experience so far.  I took a list of the top 10 questions and/or comments and try to answer them the best I can.  Here is the list of questions (for those who like to follow along!):
1.            Where are you from in America?
2.            Where do you teach in Korea?
3.            Does overtime pay ever occur in either private and/or public sector.
4.            Do you speak Korean fluently?
5.            How hard would it be for somebody who knows no Korean to get by in Korea, more specifically, Busan?
6.            What kind of medical test/exams do they put you through?
7.            Do you train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?
8.            As an Asian-American about to start my EPIK contract in Busan in one week…
9.            Buying clothes…
10.          Do you plan to stay longer than a year?


  1. Thank you for this video. I am in the beginning part of the process involved in going to teach in Korea (although I fear I may have chosen the wrong time of year to begin this process). Ideally I hope to end up in Busan, as I love port cities and it sounds less scary then the capital. If I am lucky I will see you there in half a year.

  2. I think any time is a great time to get the process started. Have fun while getting everything together. Busan is a great, great city. It has everything. But I know of many others that swear by where they were placed. Even one was placed in a very rural setting and he loves it. He's going on 3 years there. All the best!

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